Our Story

The Editor

Hi, I’m Geni Kuckhahn.

I am an emerging Melbourne writer. By day I work as a copywriter. By night (or early mornings, on trains, on lunch breaks or in other stolen pockets of time) I write historical fiction for children.

I live in the Dandenong Ranges on the outskirts of Melbourne with my young family, two roof possums at war and a cackle of kookaburras out in the gum trees.

Welcome to Once Upon a Page.

Once Upon a Page is a space for children to publish their book reviews. This space was created as a passion project to give children a space to be heard. As a writer aspiring to write children’s novels, it always seemed strange that we never really ask kids what they want to read.

Who better to tell us about the books kids like than the kids themselves?

Bookworms unite!

My daughter, Jasmine, and I are book worms. We love everything that’s fantasy, mystery and thrilling. Yes, that’s us wearing our Hogwarts scarfs (wrong colours, though, we’re both actually proud Hufflepuffs!).

We love to talk books and brainstorm story ideas and are super excited to be sharing this space with kids everywhere.